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How to buy from Japan

To purchase goods online from Japan and send to Vietnam/Japan, please follow the instructions below:

 Step 1: Access your shopping cart

- Go to HanaBee's customer section at: https://ship.hanabee-express.com.
- Sign in with your customer account (If you don't have one yet, please sign up).
- Click "Cart"

Step 2: Add to cart

- Click "Add to cart".
- Fill in all information for the items you want to buy (Such as product name, website, quantities, size, color, etc ...).
- Click "Done".

Repeat this step for each additional item that you want to buy.

 Step 3: Check out

- After providing all information of your order, please click the arrow located at the bottom right of the page to check out.
- Provide the address your order will be sent to and note for any specific requests.
- Check "I have read and agreed with all terms and conditions" box. 
- Then click "OK".

You will receive an email from Hanabee with your final quote within 24 hours (weekends and holidays excluded).

 Step 4: Payment

- After receiving our email with your final quote, please transfer your payment to HanaBee's account which will be provided in the email.
- After receiving your full payment we will:
1. process your order
2. ship to the provided address
3. provide the tracking number of your order through email