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How to send a package

Please follow the instructions below to order a package transport service between Japan and Vietnam
Step 1: Go to HanaBee's customer section at: https://ship.hanabee-express.com.
Step 2: Sign in with your customer account (If you don't have one yet, please sign up. With your account, you can view your orders history, as well as track your packages).
Step 3: Choose "Send a package"  to create a new order.
Step 4: Fill in the form. Then, click "Submit".
After your order is created we'll send you an email with the estimate.
Step 5: Please send your package to this address.
If you send your package to our address by postal service, please provide us the tracking number for our reference. You can contact us by phone or or use the function "provide tracking number" on your shipment history.
- After receiving your goods, we will re-pack (only if needed) in order to comply with international express rules and re-weigh it to determine the actual shipping cost.
- Wait to hear back from us for the actual shipping cost, then send us the payment.
- After receiving your payment, we will ship your package and send you the tracking number.